Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Southampton

As well all the other services we offer, River Studios Southampton is more than equipped to teach a range of musical instruments from a set of very well accomplished teachers. Prices start from £15 for 30 minute sessions leading to £30 per hour.

What you can expect from your first lesson

You’ll arrive at our state of the art premises in Southampton. You can then check in at reception to let your teacher know you’ve arrived, with the possibility for a quick drink or snack. Your teacher will come and collect you and will then escort you to one of our rehearsal rooms ready for your lesson.

The teacher will then walk you through your first lesson. Assessing ability and discussing what you are looking to achieve. They will then work with you on a lesson plan, working at a pace that suits you as an individual and discussing how is best to progress in future.

Our Facilities

Teaching takes place in both our teaching and rehearsal rooms, which have been designed specifically for musicians and have the relevant equipment to make your lessons go smoothly.

Our Teachers

All our music teachers have extensive teaching experience as well as all being professional musicians.
 They are happy to pursue both formal academic paths of tuition (for grades etc) or work purely on improving technique for the pleasure and progress of the student. Every teacher who teachers at River Studios Southampton has been hand picked and trained to ensure every lesson you may have with them will go smoothly and professionally.

Availability and Booking

Please call us on 02380 658373 or email to check lesson availability and make a booking.