Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons in Hampshire provided by Toby Janes

Southampton Drum Lessons cover subjects such as:

– Rhythm, timing and ‘groove’
– Learning to read drum notation
– Different drumming techniques and styles
– Kit setup and maintenance
– Learning songs looking at how they’re structured

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Drum Lessons in HampshireOur resident drum teacher, Toby Janes, has been playing since the age of twelve. He has played in many bands and has experience in; teaching, touring, recording and live work. This therefore makes him the ideal teacher for preparing you for life on the drums!

Toby is a regular on the live scene throughout Southampton, Bournemouth and the surrounding Hampshire and Dorset towns. Session drum work has taken the drummer on tour from London, to Bristol, up through Wales and into the highlands. Not to mention two tours through sunny California!

Teaching Facilities In Southampton

Our teaching facilities in Southampton are more than equipped to deal with even the loudest of drummers. We have two, soundproof, acoustically treated rehearsal rooms that are ideal for any musician, especially drummers and louder acts. Rehearsal rooms are equipped with a full PA, Drum Kit, Microphones and Amps. So all you’ll ever need for your lessons will be drum sticks and the energy to smash away!

To enquire about booking Drum Lessons in Southampton:

Call 02380 658373 or email us on info@riverstudios.co.uk