Recording Keyboard & Piano

Recording Studio For Keyboard and Piano

Whether you’re writing a full scale classical piece or using enough synthesizers to compete with Pink Floyd, River Recording Studios Southampton has got you covered!

keysOk, so getting a real grand piano into the studio could be tough! But for people who take their pianos seriously, we have the next best things – the cream of the world’s best virtual pianos (Ivory, Alicia’s Keys, New York, Vienna and Berlin Concert Grands, and NI’s Upright Piano) combined with our wonderful fully piano action Fatar SL880 mother keyboard.

If you’d like to achieve a great piano or synth sound, click here to book some recording studio time!

For everything else keyboard, from vintage electric pianos like the Fender Rhodes, to analogue synths and unique modern noises, including the hugest sample library with a simply vast selection of stuff from acoustic instruments (like Miroslav Concert Strings) to abstract stuff like a burning piano! We can record all of these performances as data so that timing can be edited to perfection if needed. You are also completely welcome to bring in your own keyboards which can either be connected via midi, USB or with a good old audio cable, so we can just plug it in and record. We have great pre amps to do that through too.