Recording Singers

Recording Studio For Singers

We like to give vocals a lot of attention at our Southampton recording studio. This is simply because most of the average listening public do exactly that too! So if you want the best recording of your voice, you’ve come to the right place!

Typically, Recording Singers when a band play together during a recording, the vocalist will perform a guide vocal to ensure the right arrangement of the song, then once all the overdubbing is done and the track is ready, the singer can then perform their part again with our full attention and guidance to achieve the best performance they can, in a comfortable, low pressure environment. Unless of course they feel that the guide vocal was unbeatable, in which case, the fact that they will have performed it in our custom vocal booth, on a high end vocal mic, means we are absolutely fine to use it!

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We have a selection of great vocal mics and pre-amps from the wonderfully smooth Telefunken CU29 Coppetone with a Rupert Neve Voice Channel, to the huskier and more rock Gemini II through a UA 6176 vintage style valve combo – but for singers that like their recording channel “plain” there is also our old favourite Nuemann TLM103 through our multi award winning Focusrite Liquid Channel. The biggest problem sometimes is being spoilt for choice!