Singer Songwriters

Work with Professional Singer Songwriters at River Studios.

We’re not just techies, we’re singer songwriters and musicians too and our goal is always to assist you in achieving your own sound instead of just hitting record and saying we have done our bit. We are happy to assist you at any stage of the creative process. Whether you’re starting from a sheet of lyrics, have a bare idea for a melody, a full arrangement, or a complex production planned out in your mind, we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to help you create something you will be proud of for your entire career.

Click here if you are interested in our Singer Songwriter Courses, leading to a finished EP.

Our studios have large, comfy sofas and lots of space to relax and enjoy the process of songwriting. We have put a lot of work into making it feel like a place where you can be creative, rather than a technological space station where you should sit down and not touch anything! The equipment is neatly integrated into the room and we want you to really enjoy working here as much as we do. Scroll down to hear our work or have a look at the “Facilities/Gear List” page to see a break down of what will be available to you (if your into that!).

Look forward to hearing your stuff!