Rehearsal Room Two

Rehearsal Room 2 is one of three rehearsal rooms spaces we have at River Studios in Hampshire.

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Rehearsal Room 2Southampton Rehearsal Room Spec

    • 5 piece drum kit including breakables
    • 3 Vocal Mics with stands and cables
    • 1 Guitar Amp
    • 1 Bass Amp
    • Rackmounted guitar and bass tuner


All PA’s are Mackie SRM 450′s (V1) and run by a Soundcraft 12 channel desk with 8 preamps and built in FX and a DBX drive rack.

All our rooms have been designed with comfort in mind. Fully air conditioned, and air handled with individual controls in each room. Each room is individually acoustically treated to maximise your rehearsal, and ensure that you can rehearse at safe volume.

Availability and Booking Rehearsal Rooms

Available seven days a week from 10am to midnight!

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