Recording Studio For Bands

River Studios Southampton, is the recording studio for your band!

At River Recording Studios we have gone out of our way to make it the perfect place to create and capture the sound of your band!

Within the River studios recording studio complex we have enough isolated live rooms for a 10 piece band to all play together, while every sound is recorded separately for maximum ‘tweakibility’. Keeping each sound separate by recording in this way also means that jumping back in the recording studio to overdub any mistakes made by the band is quick and easy. You are left with that same unique, live feel of your band playing together, but with everyone’s best performance.

Of course, if you are looking for a more complex production with lots of overdubs or to record each part separately that’s fine too. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to satisfy your needs, with an enormous range of sounds from our virtual instruments, great gear to record your performances and top end facilities within our recording studio to edit, mix and master it. Check out our must see “Facilities/Gear list” page for bands to see the geeky stuff.

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We’ve worked with artists within the recording studio from a massively diverse range of genres and take pride in keeping it that way so that we can bring fresh perspective and ideas to everything we do here, rather than getting stuck in a rut.

Take a look at these links to see how we handle each aspect of a band:

Guitars & Bass



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Everything else!

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