Recording Drums

Recording Studio For Drums

Whether you’re the Jazziest drummer or the hardest hitter around. We have the tools and the know how to make your drum recordings sound the best they possibly can. This is one of the many reasons we are the South’s premiere recording studio!

james-gilbert-in-sessionOur large drum room is capable of accommodating even the biggest kits and has been carefully acoustically treated to achieve a deep, punchy sound. We have a huge selection of mics perfectly suited to the kit and we know where to place them to achieve the best sound. Amongst these is a mic that we custom built from a Yamaha NS-10 monitor speaker which does an amazing job of capturing the very low end of the kick drum. We will mic up every part of the kit and the room also, which allows us to achieve just the right balance for the final mix. We record through a pair of 8 channel Focusrite pre-amps which have legendary timing and phase alignment to ensure your performance is recorded in pristine quality. Among our tools at the mix stage are the coveted Maserati & Eddy Kramer Drum Plugins which hold the signature sounds of these two amazing producers.

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Tuning the kit is an important part of the recording process and we always keep the necessary tools close to hand to make sure you have everything you need to get everything sounding just right.If getting the drums here is an issue for whatever reason house kits are available, please enquire when you make your booking and we will let you know what is free. We also have a great relationship with a local drum specialist and would be happy to source a specific kit piece for your recording if you so desire.