Recording Guitar & Bass

Recording Studio For Guitar & Bass

Whether you prefer to record in the studio using the time honored manor of plugging straight into an amp or with the flexibility and versatility of amp simulators River Studios is fully equipped.

river guitarWe have invested a considerable amount of money and effort into the cream of amp plugins – we have the latest versions of Amplitube, Guitar Rig & Waves GTR with all available expansions including the prestigious Fender & Orange packages – emulations of amps so good that these two historic brands were happy to put their name to them. This gives you a full selection of world class emulations of well over 50 guitar and bass amps, 60 cabinets and 50 stompboxes and effects from the standard boss distortions to the most eclectic rackmount gear.

Our plugins are perfectly complimented by an Avalon U5 – a pure Class A instrument DI & three hand wired Paul Reed Smith Guitar Interfaces which achieve a perfect signal for processing including the correct impedance and a variable input level.

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For those of you who prefer hardware amps we recently won a bidding war on a true vintage 1977 Fender Twin Reverb. Fitted with a new set of Groove Tubes it sounds amazing for those classic clean and overdrive sounds. We also a Marshall JCM 2000 4×12 for more modern distortion sounds.  Both amps are included with any studio booking.For guitarists who want to bring their own amps, we have two dedicated amp rooms and plenty of great mics from the good old SM57 to some top end condensers. Check out our “Facilities/Gear List” page for more info on those.