Recorded Vocal Sessions

River Studios Recording Studio Offers Recorded Vocal Sessions.

As well as recording a huge amount of original material by singers, songwriters and bands, we also record a large amount of vocal over backing track sessions. Through the years we’ve found more and more singers who want to be able to showcase their voice in the best possible way, but may just not have their own set of songs ready to record yet.

Luckily, this is where we can step in! With a vast library of karaoke tracks, as well as having access to one of the biggest databases on the web for backing tracks, it’s no problem to find a track to put your voice over to show your strengths as a singer!

If you would like to professional record a cover song, click here to book the recording studio. Prices start from just £35.

Whether you want a CD of you singing your favourite song, need a vocal demo to get you through an audition or know someone who would love to record a song, River Studios are here to help! Usually we can get 2 tracks done in a half day recording session.The process of getting the tracks recorded is simple, but can be made smoother and quicker if you know the songs inside out! So keep in mind, no one can make you sound just like Adele or Stevie Wonder, but we can make you sound the best you possibly can.

Click here to book your Recorded Vocal Session at River Studios.